Giant Chair Appears in The Colony

Photo: Mary Duggan
Photo: Mary Duggan
Got a Big Ol’ Chair. More details:

– It’s at State Highway 121 and Plano Parkway
– It’s for Nebraska Furniture Mart’s 560,000-square-foot retail showroom and 1.3 million-square-foot distribution center
– Nebraska Furniture Mart will anchor Grandscape, a 3.9 million-square-foot monolith that will probably have the capability to detach from Earth and self-sustain, should the need arise

Last point: the first person to snag a picture of themselves in the chair will win a free year’s subscription to D Magazine. I will pay for it myself, since I can’t imagine our marketing team is too keen on the idea of a contest where I tell folks to trespass. And I don’t mean next to the chair, or one of those photos where your fingers look like they’re smushing the chair. IN IT.

Get to snappin, and send the photo to [email protected]

UPDATE: I assumed an email like this would land in my inbox today. From Jeff Lind, chief strategy and development officer for Nebraska Furniture Mart:

“I’m contacting you because safety is a huge priority for Nebraska Furniture Mart and I believe this could put someone at needless risk of injury.  I’m sure it was for fun but I can’t bury my head in the sand when safety is involved.  Any action you could take to cancel the ‘contest’ could potentially help avoid an injury.  I hope you will consider this course of action and I encourage you to do so.  Thank you very much.”

So, contest off. It was fun (?) while it lasted.


  • TheSlowPath

    The chair looks like it’s off kilter. They need a giant copy of D Mag to put under one of the legs.

  • Bill Marvel

    D Magazine caves to potential advertiser