Fort Worth Couple Raffling Off Their Unborn Daughter’s Middle Name

This baby's middle name could be all yours.
This baby’s middle name could be all yours.

Fort Worth real estate agent Drew Myers and his wife already have the first name of their daughter picked out. Ily will come into the world in August, with an abbreviation for a name: Ily = I Love You. Problem is, they don’t have a middle name for their daughter. That’s where you come in.

The couple’s had difficulties conceiving in the past, unsure if they’d be able to have another baby to team up with their son Crash. Then Tanya got the good news — pregnant — and they started counting their blessings:

TK and I are thrilled that God blessed us with another child, but we’re also excited that we get an opportunity to use this name, which carries so much significance for us.

So…with our daughter’s first name taken care of – we’ve shifted gears to the middle name.

Go on.

We are going to raffle off our little girl’s middle name.

Yep…you read that correctly!

For $25 ANYONE can buy a raffle ticket, and if their ticket is pulled in a random drawing, they will get the opportunity to fill in this blank: Ily  ________ Myers


But why?

Our simple answer: We want to use this opportunity as a way to express our gratitude to God and give back at the same time.

We will donate EVERY cent raised to a local pregnancy center – a Christian-based organization that puts an emphasis on a child’s life.

Raffle tickets are $25 each, and a winner will be selected by July 1. The money will go to the Fort Worth Pregnancy Center. Two stipulations: the couple reserves the right of first refusal, and the middle name can’t start with the letter “B.” (Drew mentions in his post not wanting his daughter to marry someone named Smith, and be stucked with IBS as her initials. Or be known as IBM.)

Get cracking, and see what you can slip past the Myers family. “Hotdog” has already been vetoed.

(h/t Bud Kennedy)


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  • tina

    So let me get this straight. We contribute OUR money to YOUR cause and you can also veto? Sounds like a win-win!

  • Elizabeth Turner

    sounds like a scam. sorry but your not the only one who gets pregnant. or has a hard time getting pregnant.

  • Ihy

    This is not even a legal raffle.