D TV Strikes Ratings Gold After Only Eight Days

It’s only one day, but to quote our partner, London Broadcasting’s Phil Hurley, “This just doesn’t happen in this business.”

D Living, hosted by Kimberly Whitman and Hilary Kennedy, was #1 in its 10 a.m. time slot yesterday among adults 18-49, beating out The View at #2.

D: The Broadcast with Lisa Pineiro, Suzie Humphreys, Pat Smith, and Courtney Kerr came in at #2 in its 9 a.m slot against — ugh — Jerry Springer. But don’t despair about the DFW market: we were only a tenth of a rating point behind. My bet is that Jerry will be toast in another week or two.

Here’s the deal. We launched these programs on Monday of last week. As of today, they’ve only been on the air for nine days. (How long has Jerry been on? How old is that guy?) We launched on an independent station — KTXD, Channel 47 — that until now, few people have heard of, with Daniel Boone re-runs as our lead-in. It is a credit to Phil Hurley’s vision that he believed the D brand could break through to grab the attention of Dallas viewers.

To Phil’s point, the only promotion we’ve done during what we thought was a soft launch has been in D Magazine, dmagazine.com, and through social media — no radio, no billboards, no promotional give-aways or tricks. In a way, we’ve done an experiment in exercising the power of the D-branded print and online channels to launch us in a new medium.

Congratulations to our stars, the lovely ladies who are creating hilarious and informative local television every morning! When we first started talking, Phil told me this TV business was kinda fun. Now I see why.


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  • Christine Alloy

    Awesome! Love the show and have been telling all my friends and family to tune in!

  • Heather Smith

    Good work PHH!

  • tested

    It is one day…but it did happen. I really like what channel 47 is trying to do. I hope you guys find an audience and succeed.

  • Ed Bark

    Double-checking on this, Wick. But I know that “The View” and other network programs opposite the D Magazine shows were preempted in part or in their entirety by coverage of Pope Benedict’s farewell. And that would make a pretty major difference. Because neither of the D shows had done any better than “hashmarks” (no measurable audience) among 18-to-49-year-olds during their first eight weekdays. Their sudden surges were surprising to say the least.

  • geo1969

    My friends at KTXD are excited !

  • Yvonne Crum

    It’s no surprise.. with some of the programs that are on.. the D TV has made an impact because of the choices. of on air people.. Kim Schlegel Whitman and Hilary Kenndy… just perfect together and hold their own separately … good content…It’s a winner…. for sure in my eyes..

    Love the 4 ladies of D Broadcast.. they are all different personalities.. but mesh well.. you go gals.. good job.

  • Wick Allison

    @ Ed Bark: If you’re saying we beat the Pope, I’m even prouder. (Forgive me, Father…)

  • Jon Kaufman

    Wick, Phil and the rest of the team – excellent work. Hard to imagine the courage and belief it takes to make this kinda of idea a reality! Innovations rarely come without the critics – as an innovator my hat is off to the phone call that made this a reality! Loyally the team at Advice Interactive Group and one of your weekly segments and daily viewers! Best.

  • Ed Bark

    That’s a pretty easy task in this Baptist-dominated town. But everyone is scratching their heads at this nonetheless. I’ll be doing a story shortly on exactly what you were up against. But when even “Daniel Boone” basically matches the 18-to-49 numbers for the D Mag shows . . . well, as the ol’ coonskin capper might say, “Tarnation. Somethin’ just ain’t right.”

  • John Tiller

    After visting the “D: The Broadcast” set with a client, we can clearly see why these people are going to do very well. The polite professionalism of the entire crew shown to visitors is amazingly refreshing! We look forward to many long years of fun, exciting stories and events coming from this outfit! Clearly, we are fans. Bravo ladies, Bravo!

    John Tiller
    Martha Tiller Public Relations