Update: Someone Who Is Not Craig Watkins’ Nephew Was Arrested for Shoplifting

District Attorney Craig Watkins is having an interesting time at work. There’s the alleged prosecutorial misconduct thing. Then the attorney general’s office comes along and says Watkins cut a “sweetheart deal” with a dentist accused of Medicaid fraud. And now this, from DPD:

DA Craig Watkins nephew is being arrested at Walmart at Pinnacle Park, I-30 and Cockrell Hill on a Class B misdemeanor for shoplift of a $69 pair of headphones. The AP had a small amount of marijuana in his possession, it is unclear at this time if there will be a secondary charge. AP is Thomas Lee Watkins III, B/M/07-17-92. The incident is documented on service number 53309-A.

Read the column Eric Celeste wrote today about Watkins. Then you’ll understand why only white journalists care about this shoplifting arrest.

UPDATE 1:25 — A member of the Watkins family tells me, “If he’s related to Craig, then he’s related to me, and I’ve never heard of Lee Watkins.” Which raises the obvious question: how the heck could DPD screw that up? Let’s see if we can get their response …

UPDATE 1:31 — Ten minutes after the DPD email about Lee Watkins went out, the DPD sent another email saying: “This information was inadvertently sent to media…please disregard…”

UPDATE 1:38 — More from DPD: “On March 6, 2013, the Media Relations office was notified of an arrest involving a person, Thomas Lee Watkins III, who claimed he was the nephew of Craig Watkins, Dallas County District Attorney. An email intended to go to Dallas Police Media Relations Personnel only was accidentally sent out to an email distribution list for media outlets. Further investigation revealed that Thomas Watkins is not, in fact, related to Craig Watkins at all. The Dallas Police Department deeply regrets the error and we offer our apology to the Watkins family.”

I get that the email was intended for internal communications only. But still. Wouldn’t you check out Lee’s claims before you sent that note? Next time I get arrested, I’m telling the cops that I’m the grandson of Woodall Rodgers.


  • Bobtex

    At 1:20 you post a headline stating a scandalous fact.

    At 1:25 you post an update casting doubt on that scandalous fact, but the headline containing the “fact” still stands.

    At 1:31 you post an update casting more doubt on that scandalous fact, but the headline remains unchanged.

    At 1:38 you post an update refuting that “fact” but the headline remains unchanged. Nice piece of journalism there. How long will it take you to correct your error?

  • BradfordPearson

    Good point, Bobtex. I fixed it. Thanks.

  • Alexander Muse

    That would only get you out of speeding tickets on Woodall Rodgers…

  • Tim Rogers

    Actually, I think it’s a bad point. With the altered headline, the material in the initial post now doesn’t make sense. If I’d written the headline we’ve got now, then the item would have led with the information contained in the 1:38 update. The whole thing would have been about the DPD screwing up.

    It’s not fixed as it stands. It’s confusing. But as long as you feel empowered, Bobtex, that’s all that matters.

  • Jackson

    Tim, I’ve said for years that you are, in fact, the secret grandson of Woodall Rogers, half-brother of Blake and Blair Woodall, and that you were banished to a life of radio after an incident with Grace Jones in the unisex restroom on the opening night of Blake’s Starck Club at the Brewery building in 1984. Was I wrong? If so, this changes eveything.

    • Tim Rogers

      No comment.