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Coppell Communicates Via Roadside Signs

By Dan Koller |
Photo: Dan Koller
Photo: Dan Koller

My family and I moved to Coppell right after Christmas. One of the first things I noticed about our new hometown is the collection of signs at every major intersection. They seem to be this suburb’s preferred method of communication.

Some signs promote one-time-only or annual events. For example, I’m coaching my son’s team in the Coppell Baseball Association only because I spotted a sign touting the registration deadline. But others appear periodically, whenever relevant. Yesterday, signs were promoting the home game “tonight” for the Coppell High School baseball team; by this morning, they were gone.

We moved to Coppell after spending three years in Richardson, where I saw nothing like this. I grew up in Lakewood, where occasional signage pops up on major thoroughfares to promote school musicals. And I work in the Park Cities, where you see lots of signs like these in front yards, but not clustered on corners, presumably because of local ordinances. Are there any other suburbs that do it the Coppell way?