Connecting the Dots on the Byron Nelson Tourney

Cover_AprilCall it the elephant in the room. We’re talking about AT&T/Dallas’ effort to steal the Byron Nelson PGA golf tournament away from the city of Irving, where it’s been since 1983.

As this story in the April issue of D CEO explains, there’s little doubt that Irving is destined to lose the tourney even before its contract for the event runs out in 2018.

That’s mainly due to the masterful way AT&T has orchestrated the deal from the get-go. Few in Irving, meantime, seem to want to acknowledge the inevitable, while, down the road in Dallas, the telecom giant is clamming up.

At this point, it seems, the whole subject of the theft is just too … well …  too delicate to talk about in polite company.


  • Avid Reader

    Seems like it would be hard to steal something from Irving that they don’t own.

  • Jack

    So neither city owns the tourney and it hasn’t been moved from Irving (but it might!), but your cover says “How Dallas Stole the Byron Nelson”? What am I missing?

  • GayBrewer

    …but wasn’t Irving just borrowing it? The last stop for the tourney before the Four Seasons was Preston Trails Golf Club in North DALLAS

    • Jack

      Great point! How can you steal something you own from someone who is borrowing it? Now I’m really confused by the misleading headline.