City Hall Regular Chief Ozumba Lnuk-X Jumps Into a City Council Race. He’s Also Prepping For His Aggravated Assault Trial.

Ozumba Lnun-X. Source: Dallas County Jail
Ozumba Lnun-X. Source: Dallas County Jail

Take a quick stroll through the city’s list of candidates for the May City Council race and one will jump out immediately: Ozumba Lnuk-X. Yes, he has an interesting name, but his mention on the list also jumps out for other reasons: he’s currently awaiting trial for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The Morning News‘ Rudy Bush had the scoop back in October:

It seems that he’s been in jail – charged with shooting a man twice in the back with a .22 revolver after they got into a fistfight at a bus stop on Fort Worth Avenue. People who frequent City Hall will instantly recognize the chief. He has spent years coming to council meetings wrapped in chains (first real, later plastic) and complaining about the arrest and imprisonment of his son on what he believes were trumped up charges.

His speeches to council would indicate he is angry and disturbed. But, in several conversations over the years, I’ve found the chief – given name Adam Woods – to be a bright and personable guy, albeit with an abiding pain over his son’s fate. What he hopes the council can do for him is unclear. But he was such a regular speaker that , as I wrote back in 2010, I worried about him whenever he didn’t show up. With good cause, apparently.

Lnuk-X is challenging Monica Alonzo in District 6. According to court records, he was scheduled to have a hearing yesterday, after receiving a continuance on Feb. 12. No word on what happened yet. The police report for the incident is after the jump:

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  • DCaldwellTexas

    Since Mr. Lnuk-X filed to run for City Council District 6 again yesterday, I called him to introduce myself and see if he had any questions about me or my record.
    When asked of the outcome of the trial and whether he had been acquitted, he refused to answer, but he gave me permission to quote him as saying “Don’t judge me man… you’ll find out.”
    He also said he would pray that God send a lightning bolt up my @$$ for calling him.
    Hopefully that does not resemble a bullet in my back.