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Behind the Scenes of D Magazine’s April Fashion Feature Shoot: The Motion Picture

Take a peek at how the stylish sausage is made.

For the fashion spread in the April issue of the print product, photographer Scott Womack and Director Nora Mezioud from Hacon Square Studios captured images of model Chloe Hundelt interacting with animals including a wolf, a rabbit, and a camel in a school-room setting. I don’t pretend to understand the concept behind the shoot, but it makes for some pretty pictures.

There was also a monkey involved in the proceedings, but his photos didn’t make the cut for publication. You can see him for yourself, however, in the above behind-the-scenes video produced by Hacon Square Studios.


  • DGirl

    Awesome shoot. Love the music – Ceremony by New Order. 80s greatness.

  • Karen Habbestad

    I saw the monkey and immediately thought of Justin Bieber. Ew.
    Got over it and watched. Very clever! Nice job Mr. Womack!