About That Texas Monthly Dixie Chicks Story

If you’re a Dixie Chicks fan, then you know the band started with four girls singing on McKinney Avenue. You know Martie went to SMU and Emily went to Greenhill. And, really, you probably know almost everything else in John Spong’s 8,500-word cover story in Texas Monthly. Spong waited till the 7,100-word mark of the story to tell readers that hardly anyone would talk to him. An email exchange with Emily made him think the girls would participate; they didn’t. Spong went to Nashville, but the record execs wouldn’t talk to him either. As a result, from what I can tell, there isn’t much new material in the story. It reads like a timeline — a well-written one, I hasten to add.

That’s my beef with the story. Over on a blog called The Feminist Kitchen, they’ve got a different problem with the story. They don’t like the coverlines “Who killed the Dixie Chicks? And did they really have to die?” Their thinking goes like this:

[A]s American culture continues to tolerate, forgive and even celebrate domestic and gun violence, particularly against women — and as all three members of the band are alive and, presumably, happy and well with their post-Dixie Chicks lives and careers — we have the state’s most respected magazine pondering what “killed” the Dixie Chicks and “why they had to die”?

To me, that’s just plain goofy. Everyone knows that Frisco STYLE is the state’s most respected magazine.


  • FortWorthGuy

    The DC’s….didn’t they sing that immortal classic “Earl Must Die”?

  • FortWorthGuy

    Well, after a few minutes of research on the internet I find the song is really titled “Gooybye Earl”? I appologize for the error.

  • DDD

    I do not have time to read the entire article but I will guess they are blaming their demise on comments about Bush. It set them back for sure. Particularly in Texas. They certainly did not go away after that. They had at least one more tour where they were selling out (or close to it) large arena’s including AA. They all started having kids and starting families.

  • Bill Marvel

    “To me, that’s just plain goofy.”
    It’s not just plain goofy. It’s embroidered goofy with spangles and glitter. It’s Oscar night ballgowns goofy. Whoever is cooking this stuff up in The Feminist Kitchen needs to get out and get a job.

  • Bud Kennedy

    Tim, I think there was some confusion.

    The headline at top left fits better with the cover–

  • melanie

    I don’t see how it is a freedom of speech issue.

    She said it. All the chicks stood in support of it. No one told her she couldn’t say it.

    People also have freedom of purchase. They should be able to buy what they want. Seems like many of their loyal followers decided not to buy their music any longer.

    I see it as simply consequences of their actions.

  • Jack Jett

    It only makes sense that TDC would not give TM the time of day. And we all know they were dead wrong about the war in Iraq as it couldn’t have turned out to be more brilliant. Country Radio and Ted Nugent are the real winners.