Woman Drives the Wrong Way on I35 For 15 Miles

I understand this happens sometimes. You’re unfamiliar with an intersection or set of on-ramps, and you accidentally take off the wrong way. I’ve done it, then corrected myself in a matter of seconds. A woman in Burleson last night went the wrong way for 15 miles. That’s like getting on Central Expressway in downtown Dallas, and staying on it until you hit the George Bush Turnpike. But you’re in the wrong lane.

Probably needless to say, she was eventually slapped with a DWI, after hitting two cars and getting taken down by a police spike-strip.


  • Drew

    Now THAT is a situation where the Rowlett teacher with lasso skills might come in handy.

  • IJSN’

    We should probably ask Tim what that feels like.

  • Tim Rogers

    Eh? Tis true that I got a DWI in 1994. I have never hidden from that fact (and have written about it). But I was pulled over for “excessive noise” or somesuch violation on Greenville Avenue. I accelerated quickly enough to cause a tire screech, is what happened. You might be laughing to yourself because I was at the time driving a Ford Tempo. But I will point out that it was a GL sport model.

    Or were you talking about the lasso thing? Because that’s totally different. What I do in my boudoir is no one’s business but my own. Well, and my wife’s business. And whomever we’ve hired for the evening.

  • Avid Reader

    Exhibition of Accessive Acceleration.