Top Dallas Catholic on Contraception Compromise: ‘Covering Up … the Same Plan as Before’

Bishop Kevin Farrell of the Catholic Diocese of Dallas

Catholic Bishop Kevin Farrell of Dallas seems unconvinced that President Obama is truly compromising with religious groups over Obamacare’s contraception mandate. And, he’s “not so sure” the Boy Scouts’ possible move to admit gay scoutmasters and members is “the correct course of action to take.”

During a charity event at Dallas’ Hilton Anatole Saturday, the Irish-born prelate agreed to answer questions about these two controversial topics. The first dealt with last week’s “accommodation” with religious groups on the free birth-control-part of the Affordable Care Act. Does he like what the administration proposed?

FARRELL: First off, I will preface what I’m going to say, with the fact that I have not read the regulations, and I haven’t had time to study the question at the moment. But it would appear to me that it is –I’m not so sure that it’s so much of a change. I think there’s a lot of, I guess it’s just covering up, or a change of language, the same plan as before, just changing words. I’m not so sure the substance has really truly changed. That’s my first reading of it. I’ve only looked at this I’d say for 30 minutes. I have not studied it.

FRONTBURNER: As you know, the Boy Scouts are considering revising their ban on gay scouts and scoutmasters. Do you think that would be a good change to make?

FARRELL: First of all, for me to say anything, I’m arguing a hypothetical. I don’t know if they’re going to enact that or not.

FRONTBURNER: I believe they’re studying it. Do you think it would be a good thing to do?

FARRELL: Well, I’m not so sure that it is the correct course of action to take. But again, I would want to see exactly what it is that they are planning to do. I’m very reluctant to comment on anything that’s just reported in the media. I’d like to read what the document says.

FRONTBURNER: I believe they are thinking about leaving the decision up to the local chapters.

FARRELL: There’s many different ways of resolving that issue. I think that people of homosexual tendency are to be respected also. Their rights cannot be infringed on. It’s always been the position of the Catholic Church that we disagree with acting out in a homosexual way, but we don’t disrespect the person as such.


  • Edward

    “I haven’t read it, don’t know what it says, but I’ll give my negative opinion of both the regulation and the President without any clue as to what is actually being proposed.”

    Even better… “…we don’t disrespect the person as such.” The Catholic Church and the Knights of Columbus have spent literally tens of millions of Catholic’s money funding anti-gay initiatives across the country. But, of course, they don’t “disrespect”.

  • NicknameTrouble

    So. One of the oldest male-dominated organizations criticizes women’s reproductive health statements from the White House as “same as before”. Pot calling kettle………..

    And I never felt more dyke (not) than when I wore a den mother’s uniform. Really. Was that on purpose?

  • Eric

    You have to respect the Catholic church when it comes to recognizing a cover up. They wrote the book on it

  • Daniel

    The Catholic Church’s moral authority is at an all-time high. No, really!