Tom Hicks’ Estate Is the Most Expensive Private Home on the Market in the United States

Says so right here in Forbes:

At $135 million, the mega mansion’s asking price tops the $125 million Fleur de Lys estate in Los Angeles, which has been the single most expensive home publicly listed for sale since Miami’s Casa Casuarina reduced its price tag to $100 million in November. Other uber expensive listings include the $100 million CitySpire penthouse in New York City, two  additional $95 million apartments in New York, and the $95 million Beverly House in Beverly Hills, Calif.


  • marisa

    No place is as big as Texas.

  • Justme

    Why do I seem to remember a story about property taxes being allow to accrue unpaid due to a hole in the law? It might have been as long as 10 years ago?

    Also, don’t think of it as a home, think of it as a house for sale surrounded by a future gated subdivision. Prime development property?

  • Jon Hicks

    Now that is a lot of mowing!

  • eric

    The property tax payers of Dallas must be so proud that they have played a part in this by paying their fair share of taxes while this $135 millio dollar estate languishes on the tax rolls for $ 35 million.