Today on D Television (2/27/13)

D: The Broadcast,  9 a.m.
Hosted by Lisa Pineiro, Pat Smith, Courtney Kerr, and introducing Midge Hill, sitting in for Suzie Humphreys

  • Project parent: Diet and fertility
  • Chef Dunia Borga from La Duni

D Living , 10 a.m.
Hosted by Hilary Kennedy and Kimberly Whitman

  • Fekkai: Secrets behind those amazing red carpet updos
  • Dallas Arboretum: How to add color to your garden
  • Advice Interactive Group takes the mystery out of tweeting

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  • Lew Patton

    What? This show is like a week old and Suzie Humphreys already has a day off? Nice!

    • Tim Rogers

      Hey, man, she’s 75. Lady needs her rest.

  • Karl

    Give Suzie the rest of the year off. Midge is sooooo much better. Midge is a true professional. Suzie looks like a slapstick Keystone cop.

  • Lew Patton

    OK, never mind then.