Tim Tebow Cancels First Baptist Appearance

Had this brother never heard of Google before agreeing to this?


  • Tim Rogers

    As one commenter said in an email to me: “Pretty embarrassing for First Baptist. If Tebow thinks you’re too conservative, you need PR help.”

  • Bob

    Does Tebow think that First Baptist is indeed too conservative? Or just too hateful? What does Tebow actually think? Why did he not tell us what his “new information” was? Why are we left to guess his true motivation? Why should any of the rest of us care about First Baptist Church?

  • Kk.

    I think he was trying to convey his thoughts with the “Christs unconditional love” comment. I’m hoping, anyway, that’s wgat he’s saying. It was lame to not just straight up take a stand on gay bashing tho. Out with a whimper is better than not out at all?