Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Feb. 4


In case you spent the last half of the Super Bowl wishing Beyonce would come back, this morning offers happy news. She’s bringing her newly-announced Mrs. Carter tour here in July, and tickets go on sale exactly a week from today. I think the only other thing I could possibly want right now is the promise of a more permanent Destiny’s Child reunion.

Now that the big sporting event is over, it’s truly Oscar season. Both the Angelika Plano and the Magnolia offer the chance to see both the live action and animated shorts contending for an Academy Award. Short films, done well, are really something incredible. I’m a fan of seeing them in the theater every year, simply because they are usually so visually stunning, but you can view Paperman, Disney’s black-and-white blend of hand-drawn and computer animation, online in full. Depending on how bleak of a Monday you’re having, the sweetness of it just might cheer you up. Still, I’d head to the Magnolia tonight for the animated shorts, if for no other reason than I feel like it, but you could also see live action right after the animated showing and turn the night into a double feature.

Besides Paperman, the animated selections include the UK-produced Head Over Heels, about a long-married couple torn apart by gravity (he lives on the floor, she on the ceiling), and Maggie Simpson in The Longest Daycare, in which Maggie attends the Ayn Rand School for Tots. I’m not going to make the Mitt Romney joke, but I will suggest that the brisket tacos at Mi Cocina would not make a terrible addition to your evening. Union Bear is another reliable choice, though friends and I have definitely noted the price hikes across the board.

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