Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Feb. 27

Image by Jason Reed, Los Americanos artist, 2012.

All of you advance planners are really hurting us here in last minute land. The Tame Impala show at the Granada has been sold out for weeks, and as I warned you yesterday, Art Spiegelman’s talk to the Dallas Museum of Art tonight is all full, too.

The nice thing about the DMA is that if you really want to go, there’s always a simulcast for the more popular events. I think Spiegelman, the graphic novelist who chronicled his family’s history and suffering at the hands of the Nazis during the Holocaust in a two-book series, is worth sort of lurking around. There’s always a shot at a ticket upgrade, but the simulcast is free.  He’ll expound upon the topic of “What the %@&*! Happened to Comics?,” in which Spiegelman will explore the history of comic books and the value of the medium. Paging People Newspapers’ Dan Koller, who could probably give me an extemporaneous lecture on the subject right now. Also, a meatball pita sounds fantastic. The Greek it is. Just walk yourself over after dinner.

Meanwhile, can I just tell you how much I wish this city council briefing was happening this evening? I’d say basically cancel everything, bring the caramel corn, and settle in.  We can’t have  everything we want, unfortunately. But over at the Dallas Contemporary, new media artist and SMU assistant professor Brittany Ransom will lead a discussion in her area of expertise—digital art, video, and interactive technology. This all has a bit to do with the Contemporary’s group video exhibition, Los Americanos, I’d imagine. You can also see part of that exhibit on the big American Airlines Center Plaza screens, which is a cool thing.

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