Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Feb. 12

Emphasis on fat, probably.

I’m all for nostalgia. Well, sort of. But I’m drawing the line when it comes to this ridiculous false-mourning of Crystal’s Pizza. I’m from Irving. I lived there my entire life right up until I went to college and I played just about every team sport the YMCA offered and then some. And at no time, no birthday party, no post-season celebration, did I ever consider that place “fun” or the pizza “fine.” I mean, even bad pizza is still pizza, I guess. But the final straw was a weird “lock-in fundraiser” my freshman year of high school, a time when I was desperate not to spend my nights at home. Crystal’s was so disgusting that I called my mother to come pick me up early. Goodbye to that childhood house of horrors.

Now that I’ve said my piece on that, it’s Fat Tuesday and of course the Granada is throwing a party. Head to Sundown for New Orleans tunes, jambalaya, and two dollar Hurricanes. As I told Carol yesterday, that last one sounds especially dangerous. And for those of us who do not care so much for seafood, there’s the rest of their veggie and vegan-friendly menu to chose from.  Seriously, I can’t praise this place enough for offering a gluten-free flat bread crust that doesn’t taste like I’m chewing a shoebox. Hammered goat, here I come.

Also this evening, the storytelling series Oral Fixation rolls on with a pre-Valentine Day’s “R-rated” show at the McKinney Avenue Contemporary. In case you were wondering, that’s code for, get ready to get uncomfortable. The personal essays revolve around the theme “playing the field.” And while you’re in Uptown, you have a good reason to check out Belly and Trumpet, the new place from the folks at Oak. It opens for dinner this evening in the ex-Bowery, ex-ex Lumi Empanada spot on McKinney. I am pretty excited about this new restaurant.

For more to do this evening, go here.


  • mynameisbill

    Liz, not everyone has the refined tastes like the ones that inhabit your five senses. So, please allow the mere plebs of Irving to relish for a moment, and wax some nostalgia poetic for a second or two. After all, you live in the exciting city of Dallas, now, so far removed from that boring/cookie cutter/prefab manufactured sleeper town of Irving. Plus, you have your own blog post where you’re able to showcase those exquisite five senses at. Those folks who have fond memories of ‘Crystals’ probably work at some menial job(yucky, am I right?), and hence, probably aren’t blog posters of cool/fun/artsy things to do. As they say “it’s their prom, let them enjoy it”. Some people mourn over the death of Civil Rights leaders………some morn over international pies. To each, his or her own, I suppose.

  • Brandon Mohon

    Where else can you go to find a movie theater playing Tom & Jerry on loop, an arcade, a coffee table aquarium, and a lounge pianist all in the same place? Crystal’s is greatness. So what if it is a chester farm.