Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Feb. 11

See, you know him.

Hello, Monday. I’d be lying if I said I was pleased to see you. But there is at least one fun thing happening tonight that should make up for the hardship of dragging yourself out the door this morning, and no, it’s not staying home and reading all the articles about Pope Benedict abdicating his divine appointment. Or crying about how you couldn’t get tickets to Beyonce.

It’s the Dallas Museum of Art’s first Texas Bound of the new Arts & Letters Live season. For the uninitiated, these evenings basically consist of fine folks gathered around a campfire reading good stories, except minus the fire. Tonight’s reading was supposed to feature the Texas-born Matt Bomer, but sadly, he had other commitments. Fine. We don’t really need a dark-haired, blue-eyed hotness monster tromping around this city, anyway, not when we have actors Reis Myers McCormick, Rob McCollum, Allison Pistorius, and Stephen Tobolowsky. McCormick and Tobolowsky will read stories they penned themselves, while McCollum will read Ron Carlson’s Milk and Pistorius reads Siobhan Fallon’s Gold Star. After the event, Tobolowsky, whose name you may not know but whose face you definitely recognize, will do a Q&A session and sign copies of his new collection of essays, The Dangerous Animals Club.

Now, here’s your dilemma. Most of the Arts District restaurants aren’t open on Mondays, because the theaters don’t have shows and the museums aren’t open, either. It’s not like anyone lives or works around here and would just like to eat something, or, even more ridiculous, have a beer. However, Jorge’s is open, and I like their bar before a show anyway because it’s nice and big. But this evening I think I’d rather go for Samar. It’s closer to the DMA, and I haven’t been in ages. I’m not really sure why, since I’ve had some excellent meals there.

And speaking of meals, Carol would like to remind you that your window of opportunity to book a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner is rapidly narrowing to maybe like a crack in the glass.

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