Ted Cruz Compared to Joe McCarthy

There’s a story about Sen. Ted Cruz on the front page of today’s New York Times. The article lays out some of the ways the Texan has ruffled feathers during his short time in the Senate. Two Democrats — Claire McCaskill of Missouri and Barbara Boxer of California — compare his tactics during the Chuck Hagel confirmation hearing to those of Joe McCarthy.


  • Jo Bennett

    Not only on the National stage but here in Tx.he is showing up as doing little to help bring the country or the congress together….I think/and who cares what I think anyway?/he is nothing but an extreme right wing Senator doing nothing but having been voted in and “hired” to obstruct and sound foolish…but of course that’s ME speaking…

  • Jo Bennett

    Not only on the National stage but here in Tx he is showing up as doing little to help bring the country or the congress together..I think?and who cares what I think anyway?/he is nothing but an extreme right wing Senator doing little but having been voted in and “hired” to obstruct and sound foolish..but of course that’s ME speaking..

  • Eric

    Anytime you can get two hacks like McCaskill and Boxer to accuse you of McCarthyism (boy, now there’s an innovative charge) you must be doing something right.

  • mcc

    the sad thing is that he is probably proud of the comparison. he clearly studied the mccarthy hearings closely because his questions/insinuations were almost word for word. Despicable…

  • Jon

    If we actually study history instead of listen to what we have been told, McCarthy was correct. There were Members of the socialist or communist party that had indeed infiltrated the US government at many different levels. McCarthy’s approach might not of been the best but the information he was providing turned out to be true in the long run. Over 25 arrests of public servicemembers from the time MacCarthy left Congress until the 1980s for charges related to spying in behalf of the Soviets.

  • Dubious Brother

    Communists really did not like to be called communists back in Joe McCarthy’s day for some strange reason. That is still true today as now the communists in America prefer the term progressives. Obama’s way of reaching across the aisle is to nominate an unqualified candidate from the other party and then criticize the opposition to the nomination. The two progressive Senators better get used to Ted Cruz as so far he is delivering what he promised when he campaigned.

  • C T

    Ted Cruz voted against the Defense of Women bill, has stonewalled the Hagel confirmation, and is divisive at the very wrong time. I can’t believe we have this joker representing us for the next 6 years. The combination of Cruz and Perry makes Texas look like a state full of right-wing idiots.

  • Chowbell

    I agree with Jo and CT. As a freshman Senator, the traditional role for new Senators is to lie low and after a couple of years be more vocal. Cruz is already out there making a name for himself but not in a positive way. He has already been dressed down in the Senate for remarks he has made. The sad thing, too, is that others, like Senator Cornyn, seem to be following Cruz’s lead because they are afraid that they might lose in the next primary if they are not as conservative as he is. I hope that Texans are paying attention to what is happening and will give some moderate Republicans or conservative Democrats a chance so that our state and our nation can move forward instead of backwards or sideways.

  • Guesty

    We got exactly what the Republican voters of Texas wanted, a conspiracy nut who cares nothing for governing but is focused entirely on attacking the President of the United States. I’m surprised that Cruz didn’t ask Hagel if he’s ever ridden in black helicopters during one of the UN’s covert missions to take away the American people’s guns, supported the President’s plan to hand over the United States to the New World Order, or intends to use his position at the Department of Defense to use the military to shut down the nation’s golf courses. In that respect, I suppose Cruz is to be complimented for his “restraint.”

  • joeat

    Ted Cruz is doing a fabulous job in upholding the values and positions he ran on that got him elected, How unusual. I just hope he keeps it up and doesn’t bow to pressure from the slimes.

  • WmBTravis

    Already more effective than socialite Kay ever was in her term. Nuff said.

  • Jackson

    The comparison between Cruz and McCarthy is apt in more ways than one. It isn’t just Ted’s tendency to impugn by throwing accusations with no evidence. He also bears an uncanny resemblance to the late senator from Wisconsin.

  • Peter Kurilecz

    interesting how the left is attacking Cruz for his questioning of Hagel while praising to the high heavens Elizabeth Warren’s questioning of Obama appointees.
    meantime the MSM still ignores her fake Cherokeeness

  • Peter Kurilecz

    “he is nothing but an extreme right wing Senator ”
    he’s there to balance out the extreme left wing Senator Elizabeth Warren from massachusetts

  • Peter Kurilecz

    better Ted Cruz representing Texas than a fake Cherokee representing Massachusetts

  • Everlasting Phelps

    The thing everyone seems to forget is that when the Kremlin archives were opened up under glasnost, it turned out that McCarthy was pretty much right about the Soviet led communist conspiracy in Hollywood.

  • Dueler

    I guess John McCain is part of “the left” now? Because even he said the line of questioning that impugned Chuck Hagel’s patriotism was way out of line.

    I have no problem with Cruz asking tough questions of Hagel, but he doesn’t have any evidence behind his questions. Insinuating that Hagel took money from hostile nations without ANY evidence to back it up is not a “tough question,” it’s just a smear with no hard evidence behind it, and it’s an appalling smear to level against a man who earned two Purple Hearts serving this nation in combat.

    Warren’s questions to the bank regulators, agree with her or not, were not personal and stuck to the regulators’ implementation of our nation’s policy. She is being treated differently because her questions WERE different.

  • Avid Reader

    The real question is what does Mother Jones have to say about Cruz.

  • Bill Marvel

    Was he right about spies in the Army? What about the list of enemy agents he kept in his pocket?
    Here’s the thing: Joe McCarthy was like a guy with a gun in a crowded auditorium, blasting away indiscriminately. Yeah, he ht a few spies. And he killed the reputations of so many, many more who were not spies or agemts. McCarthy was a drunkard and a bully. He advance the security of his country not one inch.

  • Mavdog

    More interesting is why you would interject another senator into the blog post on Cruz, after all the conduct of Warren has no bearing on the embarassing behavior of Cruz.

    That being said, the issue of “Warren’s questioning of Obama appointees”, although completely seperate than the manner of conduct by Cruz, shows the world of difference between these 2 senators. Warren is asking why the 2 agencies, OCC and SEC, entered into settlements with the larger banks when those banks were guilty of violating the law, rather than taking said banks to trial. Warren’s point, which muct be lost on you, is these agencies decided to not put the public eye on the bank’s violations by way of a court proceeding.

    Cruz on the other hand never approached the intelligence of the Warren questions, Cruz only stated erroneous points and used the hearing to badger the nominee for Cruz’ own benefit.

  • Claudia Jones

    Cruz comes across as a dangerous punk, a bully. He needs to be cut down to size.
    Let’s hope he’s a ‘one term’ disaster….

  • Claudia Jones

    There is nothing balanced about Cruz.
    Senator Warren is trying to hold ‘bankers’ accountable for nearly destroying OUR Economy!
    A Winger wouldn’t be able to see the difference….

  • Albert Finney

    Charges of racism are the new McCarthyism, but Cruz has a race exemption, so in his case the new McCarthyism is a charge of McCarthyism.

  • Avid Reader

    You forget about the race exemption exclusion for conservatives.

  • Edward

    Cruz makes Perry look like a true statesman. I didn’t think we could get worse than Cornyn, but….

    And to compare Cruz to Elizabeth Warren is laughable.

  • Albert Finney

    Ah, the exemption which holds that people of race who adhere to conservative philosophy are not really of race at all, and are traitors to their racial communities, who, while often at war with each other, share a common bond at the voting booth.

  • Albert Finney

    Don’t worry, the media arm of the Democrat party will have destroyed both Cruz and Rubio by the next election.

    There are consequences for betraying the community.

  • mynameisbill

    I always thought the better comparison for Ted Cruz would be with someone’s(heck, even make it Joe McCarthy’s) “happy sock”. I’ll spare y’all the details of why I make this comparison, but just having the basic understanding of the what/why/how mechanisms of a “happy sock”, will more than suffice at cementing my comparison as the superior one. Have a wonderfully spectacular day! 🙂

  • blue pencil

    But McCarthy did not reveal the presence of a single, working agent. What he mostly did was slander people who disagreed with his self-serving extremism — who were hardly working to subvert the government or turn over secrets to the Soviets. Yes, there were Soviet agents before and since, but the big fish, like the Rosenbergs, had already been exposed when McCarthy started his rampage. Mostly what McCarthy did was drag up and terrify people like composer Aaron Copland.

  • FIJ

    Communists really did not like to be called communists back in Joe McCarthy’s day “for some strange reason.”

    I would call mainstream persecution (and prosecution) a decent reason.

  • FIJ

    This is an insane comment. McCarthyism was one of the clear low points in American history.

  • Sweetliberty

    When the sanctimonious NYTimes isnt affronting the black community with their white man guilt tripping “help” they spend the other 90% of the time trying to justify their existence in a world that no longer needs them

    Cruz is a breath of fresh air in a stale, Nanny state, politically correct, soda jerked elitist world

  • Sweetliberty

    turns out McCarthy was correct moreso now than ever

  • Sweetliberty


    but not wanting good females to own guns

    those congressional bills with their “Catchy”names are loaded up with pork so that when defeated the leftists can claim as you do


  • Sweetliberty

    MCCain is part of the Left

    he helped engineer the anti First amendment MCcan -Feingold law

    time 4u 2b educated!

  • Sweetliberty

    you know what a bully is

    thanks for that post

  • E Pluribus Unum

    Sen. Cruz? Amazon.com emailed. Your copy of “The Crucible” is in. Also, Tituba called. She’s cancelling her lunch date with you this week.