T. Boone Pickens Rumored To Be Dating Toni Brinker

Last year we published “The Grifter’s Guide To Dating Dallas Widows” (PDF), a dossier on 14 unattached, desirable women, including Lisa Baron Blue, Ebby Halliday, and Toni Brinker. It looks like T. Boone Pickens took our advice on the latter lady. We wrote:

The fourth and last Mrs. Brinker is one of the younger marks on this list. Should your play for her hand prove successful, you’d live in nice digs. Her house sits across Strait Lane from the famed Philip Johnson-designed Beck house. She donated to Mitt Romney’s campaign, so no Mormon jokes.

A source tells us that the 84-year-old Pickens has been seeing Brinker, who is about 25 years his junior. To him we say: nice work.


  • ernest t bass

    Candy Evans tweeted that Boone promised to “really lay it on her.”

  • AmyS

    Notwithstanding ETB’s relay of questionable truisms…… I find this romantic.

  • Ken

    Read D Magazine’s piece this month on PARK CITIES WELFARE QUEEN JANAY BENDER ROSENTHAL, an ex topless waitress and convicted shoplifter who is not quite telling the truth on her food stamps applications, wonder what that old guy she’s been living with for a long time thinks of that?

  • Ladka Mark

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  • John Vann

    Well, He is smitten by a Black Widow. Toni has quite a history! He would be well advised to be less smitten and consider when she says “Oh! Boone—you make me blush!” as a pathway to his will. Find out about what happened to Norman. Is it true that she has a friend with a motorcycle and Black Leather Jacket who hears her mew cry–even when married to Norman. Certainly when she is dating Boone. Beware the Black Widow—Strange that it took Norman twice to die of asphyxiation. Once out of the country and the last time in Colorado Springs.

  • John Vann

    Hmmmmm! Boone would be well off to go slow. Toni is well known! Very well known!

  • maxgorden

    looks like the black widow has struck again – marriage to pickens is now over