Sniper Chris Kyle Honored By Texas House

Chris Kyle's wife, Taya, attended the ceremony. Source: Matt Krause
Chris Kyle’s wife, Taya, attended the ceremony. Source: Tarrant County State Rep. Matt Krause

Sniper Chris Kyle was honored with a resolution by the Texas House this morning, nearly a month after he was shot at an Erath County gun range.

Waxahachie Republican Rep. Jim Pitts said Kyle “was clearly dedicated to the idea of putting others first,” and that while the world is not perfect, he was “trying to get us closer to that ideal.” Eddie Ray Routh has been charged with the murder of Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield.


  • Michelle Nelder

    I’m sure Bradley Cooper is going to do a wonderful job playing this role of this gentle giant. Thank you C.K. for serving and protecting OUR country!!!♥♥

  • Roxanne Sebern

    He was a man of honor,integrity and loyal to our county,he should never be forgotten. If he had burdens within himself, less everyone remember he was human, we all have our struggles to deal within our selves. This is such a tragedy, blessing to his family/children. Respect him, remember him.

    Eddie Routh should of gotten the help he deserved for serving out country, what happen was wrong, whom is at fault for letting down the fallen soldier with PTSD, we need to take care of ALL our soldiers with PTSD, those who can’t walk in their footsteps wouldn’t understand, nor understand what the families go through as well.