• Dan Koller

    As my friend Darius Holbert said as the ad was airing, “I don’t know what this commercial is for, but I want to buy a farmer so bad now.”

  • Billyboy

    As I said as the ad was airing, “I miss Paul Harvey”.

  • Pete Moore

    No surprise here. The Richards Group did what it always does taking advertising to a new and better level.
    Thanks for sharing for those of us who missed it at the game.

  • The Guy

    Ads like this don’t write themselves. Very nice work, whoever you are at The Richards Group.

  • curmudgeon

    Great job on the copy – but it doesn’t hit the target market at all. Rams are positioned to those concrete cowboys (i.e. folks in Dallas who think they need a truck). Farmers pick Chevy’s and Fords.

    Nice try though.

    • Glenn Hunter

      Wrong. The ad is aimed exactly at the concrete cowboys, most of whom (at least claim to) admire the farmer ethic.

    • Jim

      Actually Rams are targeted the most towards farmers whereas the other two are targeted towards construction! Nice try though!

  • Patsy Ann Bell

    TRG found the beauty in the gritty. This is a winner in my book.

  • Lysa Mathis

    Wish this was our generation, what wonderful country we would live in today.

    • Daniel

      The idea of a Paul Harvey with a mountain-man beard, see-through earlobes, skinny pants and a newsboy’s cap doesn’t appeal to me so much. But never let anybody take your dream from you.

  • The Guy

    I realize that, obviously. I loved Paul Harvey. I meant the actual construction and conceptualization of the ad was worthy of note.

  • marisa

    Outstanding on all levels. One of only a couple of good commercials. The best part no models,hollywood stars or special effects.
    Most of the super bowl commercials we dogs………poorly written and visually bankrupt.

  • Sfar

    Nice job made my day down on the farm

  • justcurious

    Conceptually, the ad was originally done by….from the VO to the still photos.

  • jay

    Sad to learn it’s a complete ripoff of an ad done a few years ago – same poem, pictures of farmers etc. for

  • mike

    it is not a rip off – it is a homage


    boy that takes nerves of steel to brazenly do that