Pentagon Grounds the Fort Worth-Assembled F-35 Fighter Jet

Photo: The United States Navy

The Pentagon suspended flights of the F-35 fighter jet today, after a routine inspection of a test plane found a crack on a turbine blade. The fighters are built by Lockhead Martin and assembled in Fort Worth.

The news comes on the heels of a BusinessWeek story published today that questions the entire $400 billion F-35 project, one beset by cost overruns. The most expensive weapons system in U.S. history has run 70 percent over-budget, the magazine reported. With a possible sequester around the corner, and defense spending on the table, lawmakers have looked long and hard at the project but are hesitant to make cuts. The F-35 project alone supports 41,000 jobs in Texas, the company reports.


  • oldnewshound

    I don’t fly, but what’s a trubine blade? Is it that thing that whirls in front of the cockpat or the big spinning thing just under the falps?

    • BradfordPearson

      Ah good catch. Thanks.

  • Brendan

    And every single one of those 41,000 jobs voted Republican, so don’t expect any love from on high