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Paul Ryan Swung Through Highland Park Last Night For a Quick Fundraiser


You probably didn’t hear about Paul Ryan’s trip to Highland Park last night, since most of you (read: us) don’t have $1,000 to shell out for a fundraiser, especially just months after an election. Anyway, Ryan stopped by a private residence in the Park Cities, shook some hands, and presumably had some decent but not memorable food. Park Cities People reporter Karley Osborn was there, even though she wasn’t supposed to be:

It took all of 10 seconds, I’d say, for one of Ryan’s handlers to grasp my hand and politely guide me toward the outer circles of the gathering. “This is a closed event – no media allowed,” he said. Next up, a question: “Did you make a contribution?” he asked, smiling.

I assumed he was referencing the $1,000 suggested donation printed near the bottom of my emailed invitation, and tried not to laugh when I told him that, unfortunately, my journalist’s salary had kept me contribution-free. Potentially forever.

He nodded. “Since you have friends here, we can’t exactly ask you to leave,” he said. Never mind the fact that his eyes were saying, “I’m asking you to leave – now.”

Here’s the rest of Osborn’s piece.