Megan Lucas, the Hofmann Hots Hottie Who Got Frank Zaccanelli Sued by Phil Romano

Perhaps you’ve heard about l’affaire Hofmann Hots. Frank Zaccanelli is a former co-owner of the Dallas Mavericks. Until recently, he was a business partner of Phil Romano’s. The two men, along with other investors, were behind the new Trinity Groves restaurant called Hofmann Hots. But Romano and the other partners allege in a lawsuit that Zaccanelli was using the restaurant as a slush fund to keep his girlfriend happy. Her name is Megan Lucas, and she was once a hostess at Nick & Sam’s Steakhouse. According to the Morning News, the suit alleges:

… the misappropriation of company funds and misuse of the corporate credit card to the tune of $34,000 “for expenses that were clearly personal in nature or unrelated to the legitimate conduct of business for Hofmann,” according to the suit. The complaint also alleges that Zaccanelli directed the company “to pay $3,000 per month to [Megan] Lucas for a lease for housing in Dallas, Texas, despite the fact that Lucas already lived in Dallas before Zaccanelli directed Hofmann to retain her services.” The suit says her rent was listed in company records as “facility payment.”

Unless I’m mistaken, Ms. Lucas was arrested on January 25. One of the better mugshots you’ll see.

Update (12:06): I’ve spoken with Lucas. She says she’s not Zaccanelli’s “mistress” and that the lawsuit was a power move to force Zaccanelli out of the company.


  • Jason Heid

    I believe we may have another, more revealing photo of her here:

  • Really?

    Your ode would have been much more effective had you bothered to pay attention in grade school when they taught the difference between “to” and “too”…

  • Don’t Beat the Poet

    Really? Really?

  • Fishy

    So, is she still working at N&S’s, since her boss is suing her ‘mentor’?

  • chauncey

    This is so damn sad. This partnership was used in both ways. One for money and the other for sex lol!

  • scruu

    This Frank Z is the basketball genius who set the Mavericks back a decade after breaking up the three J’s. He as so bad even Ross Perot Jr had to fire him.