Megan Lucas, the Hofmann Hots Hottie, Was Busted for Weed

Megan Lucas, you’ll recall, is the lady who has gotten herself caught up in the lawsuit filed by Phil Romano and about 20 other plaintiffs against Frank Zaccanelli. The plaintiffs claim that Lucas was Zaccanelli’s mistress, which is why he was using Hofmann Hots money to pay her rent, something she denies. If you need to catch up, we can help. Anyway, when I asked Lucas about her arrest early this year, she told me it was no big deal. She had thrown a cigarette butt out her car window and had been pulled over for littering. Then the cop found an outstanding warrant for a previous moving violation she had not taken care of. This much is true. But it’s not the full story. Lucas’ traffic stop for littering went far more pear shaped than she let on. From a Syracuse, New York, TV station (the suit was filed in Syracuse, where Hofmann’s operations are based): “Upon pulling her over, police discovered that she had outstanding traffic warrants in Dallas County, Dallas City, and Arlington, Texas. After she was arrested, police discovered the marijuana.”

Hey, marijuana isn’t crack. So I don’t want to case aspersions. I just want to watch the video above, starring Megan Lucas (probably NSFW).


  • mynameisbill

    This is the type of hard-hitting journalistic excellency that i’ve been eagerly anticipating from your blog. Bravo zulu! And, YES, i’d definitely bring her over to my mother’s house(which just so happens to be strategically positioned over my basement) for a cup of matzo ball soup.

  • ernest t bass

    The alternate, more provocative, video features a lint roller.

  • my2cents

    Is the picture so foggy because she is smoking all that weed?

  • Yuck

    Oh, Megan, you never had a chance. Mom and Dad too busy working, keeping up, using you as divorce currency or an accessory. And they let you become a whore.

  • Bizarro Big Tex

    I tried the phone number & didn’t reach her. Must have misdialed.

  • Mess

    That cheap Bic pen is just plain tacky.

  • Brian

    Who cares about a little weed? And she is smokin’ hot!