Man Who Lost Finger Plans to Sue Perot Museum

The intro to the WFAA story last night:

Only on News 8 tonight, there’s something missing from this picture: a ring finger.

The man, an engineer from Mexico, has been unable to return home since the Dec. 30 incident, and has racked up $40,000 in medical bills. He’s criticized the Perot Museum’s response, much like we have.


  • Andrew Plock

    Domingo’s on the case.

    • Tim Rogers

      His quote in that story doesn’t make much sense. Yes, we criticized the museum for how they handled communications after the accident. But that’s not a reason to sue. Negligence, that’s why you sue. Speaking of communications, that’s what Garcia should have been talking about. (If he DID say something about negligence and that wasn’t included in the report, then WFAA didn’t do the right thing.)

  • BradfordPearson

    (Camera pan) “Stare straight at the computer screen, Mr. Garcia. Pretend we’re not here.”