Man Kills Two People, Then Runs Some Errands

You’ve probably heard by now about the elderly man who gunned down his neighbors (paywall) because they repeatedly dumped dog crap on his patio. An alert FrontBurnervian who lives not far from where the crime occurred sends along an email that went out to her neighborhood group:

“Most of you are probably aware of the double homicide that occurred yesterday at the Sable Ridge Condos on Abrams Road near Northwest Highway. The suspect who shot and killed two people fled the scene, and witnesses were able to describe the car he was driving. The suspect turned on Larmanda and was intercepted by our ENP Officer, Detective Phil Gordon, who was patrolling our neighborhood at the time.

“Phil followed him as he turned on Kingsbury to Walling, stopping briefly at the cleaners and ending up in the Comerica parking lot, where Phil and other officers arrested him.”