Leading Off (2/8/12)

Vote on Trinity East Energy Plan Delayed Again: Three times in three months, and, again, people yelled. The fact that this was delayed on the same day Schutze broke the news that city manager Mary Suhm struck a side deal with Trinity East back in 2008 is very surprising. Very, very surprising. Read: not surprising at all.

Colleyville Mother Indicted For Toilet Paper Vandalism: Her attorney said she was not there when the teenagers used permanent marker to write on the neighbor’s exterior walls, left raw chicken parts in the mailbox and wrote profane messages on the sidewalks.” But she didn’t buy the chicken, guys, just massive quantities of toilet paper! Shouldn’t she get credit for not buying a similarly massive amount of chicken?

Dallas Promotions Company Sues Lance Armstrong: SCA Promotions sued Armstrong Thursday, saying it bilked the company out of $12 million. SCA settled a similar suit with Armstrong in 2006, his attorneys contend, so this one should be DOA. Quick thought. If I, say, signed Mark McGwire or Sammy Sosa or Armstrong, rode the lightning for five years and cleaned up before the shoe dropped, I’d probably just let all this rest.