Leading Off (2/6/13)

Parker Couple Fights To Keep Exotic Animals. Keith Mantey and Wei Wei Jeang gathered 325 signatures in an attempt to keep their seven chickens, six peacocks, one emu, macaw, and eight dogs. In 2008, Parker voted to pass an exotic animals ban. No emus or peacocks allowed.

Speaking of Exotic Animals. A kinkajou was found in Wise County. He’s a testy animal, prone to biting people and terrorizing cats. One of his best skills? He has the ability to turn his feet backward and run in both directions. And now I want a kinkajou.

State Fair of Texas’ 2013 Theme Is…The One & Only. Honoring, you guessed it, Big Tex, who will make his triumphant return.

List of Most Disliked Athletes Includes One of Dallas’ Own. Forbes recently released a list of the most disliked athletes. At the top of the list is Lance Armstrong, followed by Manti Te’o and Tiger Woods. Rounding out the list, however, is our own Tony Romo. As the article says, “It’s hard to pinpoint why Romo made the list. Dallas fans might be bitter that Romo has never led the Cowboys past the divisional round of the playoffs, and they might not like his 1-3 postseason record, but that doesn’t exactly explain why the rest of the country dislikes him.” You gotta feel a little sorry for him.