Leading Off (2/27/13)

Man Tries to Save Soccer Club. This story is worth your time. It focuses on Rhadames Solano, an immigrant who, 15 years ago, created a 23-acre park with soccer fields, lights, shade structures, and picnic tables. The city wants this land for the Trinity River Corridor Project. The city said it has tried to work with Solano to reach an agreement, but now it’s time to take action, thus the lawsuit filed in January. Solano hasn’t hired a lawyer. He’s hoping they can reach an agreement. His daughters will be out of high school in seven years. He’d like to keep the park until then. I’m guessing there won’t be a winner in this story.

Man Caught Smuggling 75 Pounds of Weed Through DFW. Don’t try doing this.

Meet Lily, The Bunny With Two Legs. I’m going to be honest. It’s a slow news day (or at least it was when I went to bed last night at 11:42). So I’m giving you this video of a bunny at the North Texas Rabbit Sanctuary. She came to the center with a broken back and her two back legs had to be amputated. But don’t feel bad for her. As you’ll see in the video, she’s doing just fine.