Leading Off (2/21/13)

3-Year-Old Shot In the Head In Front of His Family. The stories I’ve seen, including this one, don’t have many details as to what exactly happened, other than it appears to have been accidental. He was rushed from his home in Garland to Children’s in Dallas, but he didn’t survive. Absolutely gutting.

Family Wins Monster Truck Death Lawsuit. Kasey McKenzie was killed in March 2011 outside the Spearmint Rhino when she stepped in front of Eric Crutchfield’s truck. He was drunk, twice the legal limit, in fact, and is now serving nine years for manslaughter. McKenzie’s family sued the club, saying it had overserved Crutchfield, and yesterday they were awarded $10.5 million. It’s the largest award under “dram shop” doctrine in Dallas since 1985.

All Occasion Party Place In Tarrant County Not Really Down With All Occasions. The venue turned down Ben Allen’s wedding reception because he was marrying another man. The business is well within its rights, but still, kind of a jerk move.

More Layoffs Coming at JCPenney. According to this incredibly short report.

This is a pretty somber Leading Off, I know. So, after the jump, I’ve embedded a video that always makes me feel better. Laura Kostelny was in a bad mood yesterday, and I sent it to her, and she said she felt better. I hope it does the same for you. Enjoy your day. Don’t call or email me for any reason.


Liam Neesons & Bruce Willy from Peter Atencio on Vimeo.


  • Steve Zimmerman

    “Tooken 2” was the shiznit.

  • Zac Crain
  • Avid Reader

    If the Spearmint Rhino is part of the larger company and not franchised I bet they have the limits. If they are their own entity that just handles the one location it would be more likely they only have $2M or $5M limits.