Leading Off (2/15/12)

American CEO to Receive $20 Million Deal: “So my company’s customer service nosedives, we get bought out by a company with one-third the market share, AND I get $19.87 million? What’s not to love?

A Supposedly Fun Thing A Flower Mound Woman Would Never Do Again: Pooping in bags, sleeping in tent forts, eating onion sandwiches: sounds like a great campout. Except it was a Carnival cruise. Upside for all you optimists: Carnival cruises will probably be DIRT cheap for a year or so.

Manhunt Continues for Alberto Morales: The best thing about this NBC story is that they refer to Morales as “a schizophrenic,” like it’s up for debate. The man hears voices, has mutilated his genitals, and scrawled his name in blood on a medical ward wall. Probably no need for the scare quotes. “Okay?”


  • Jo Bennett

    Doing what upper mgmt at AA has always done and why they have been so disliked…they only play for themselves the other employees were pretty much only afterthoughts…they sold out to everyone…and got away with it.

    • Dubious Brother

      They were also very efficient at eliminating competition from smaller startup airlines that would have provided better service and/or fares to the public. Legend comes to mind as the most recent.

  • SybilsBeaver

    Horton did what he was brought in to do, get the house in order, run it through bankruptcy and merge. For this he is paid a handsome fee. there are many others out there who do the same thing. Their only job is to come in, fix a companies books and either get sold to public company or take it private. Its a career many ceo’s and cfo’s pull off. They jump company to company doing the same thing every time. Sucks for the employees, I know, my wife is one of them, but its just life

    • Dubious Brother

      His payoff is chicken feed compared to what the attorneys are making on this deal. Bankruptcies like these are designed for the lawyers.

  • mynameisbill

    The only narrative anyone needs to know about Alberto Morales is that the Miami-Dade police are inept. They transport a violent criminal in a rental car, and then have to drive around the area(near DFW), because they arrived too early???? These police put the public at risk, and Mr.Morales being “schizophrenic” has nothing to do with his danger…….it’s the Miami-Dade’s policy of transporting dangerous criminals that is! FYI: the mentally ill are more prone to being victims of violence/crimes, but the narrative these days during our “gun control debates” is that we’re(or better yet, the NRA) trying to pin it on inadequate mental health services, so the media being the lapdogs they are, will lap that story up and then wag their tail because they’re such good little boys and girls. Rant over, and I think I might just go on a Carnival cruise……..if they could see me now, am I right Kathy Lee?

  • Avid Reader

    So mental health services are currently adequate?

  • mynameisbill

    Trying to pin means that they are trying to pin it on that one item. I would think as you being an “avid reader” you’d understand that, but sometimes I get lost in assumptions.