Leading Off (2/13/13)

Keeping West Nile in Check. Seemingly, West Nile snuck up on us last year. While I love seeing Zac do a Q&A with a blood-sucking, misunderstood mosquito as much as the next gal, I don’t love what the disease can do to just about anyone. The city is working on getting out ahead of the thing by offering more than 46,000 free insecticide tablets and putting traps in place. It’s also launching a health campaign that calls for insect repellent. Maybe this year I’ll actually use some spray, instead of last year, where I just stayed inside the whole summer.

Student Gets Rope Burns After Teacher Lassos Him. It’s not what it sounds like. But, then, it is. A teacher was talking to his students about lasso techniques. He asked for volunteers, and had them start running. He then demonstrated how cowboys lasso cows by lassoing the kids. One of the students ended up with marks around his neck.The teacher is suspended while an investigation is being done.

Horrible Human Drops Off Pot Belly Pigs, Returns With Dogs to Attack Pets. As I’ve maybe mentioned four of five-hundred times, I grew up on a farm. My favorite pet during that time was a pot belly pig named Rosy who lived to be 18. So when I read this story about someone dropping off one baby pig and two adult pigs, and then returning to allow their dogs to attack the pigs, I got angry. This story was reported on Monday. At that time, rescuers were still looking for the poor baby pig and one adult pig. If they find them, I have a home for them. (Just don’t tell my husband I made that offer.)