Leading Off (1/20/13)

Hood Woman Arrested for Calling 911, Asking for Cigarettes, Cont. Brad posted the 911 call yesterday, but now you can hear the woman’s side of the story as she explains why she thought it was a good idea to call emergency to ask for cigarettes. The lesson she learned: next time she’s drinking in her backyard, she’ll have plenty of cigarettes next to her and her phone will be out of reach. Good advice for all us, I suppose.

Teen Asks Rangers Fans To Ignore Josh Hamilton. Fifteen-year-old Brandon Holmes is asking people to be silent when Hamilton plays against the Rangers on Opening Day. Follow him on the Twitter feed @silence4Josh. Holmes thinks pure silence will really mess with the football player. Wait, what sport are we talking about?

Irving Code Enforcement Official Has Too Many Pets. In 2011, Darrell Hammond, code enforcement manger in Irving, surrendered 35 dogs to the city shelter when someone complained about his hygiene. He wasn’t reprimanded, but instead his duties were expanded to animal services in 2012. Since Friday, when the Morning News went to check on the state of animals at his house, Hammond has surrender at least eight dogs. Irvin’s city limit for number of pets is four. Hammond is now being investigated. This is exactly why I can’t volunteer at for an animal shelter. I would take every single one of them home.


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