Klyde Warren Park May Get an Ice Rink

Source: Klyde Warren Park

Let’s put aside the fact that while the Dallas Business Journal wrote a piece about the possibility of this ice rink yesterday, our Christine Perez mentioned it two weeks ago. That: aside.

There are some logistical nightmares that arise with this plan.

1. Brought up by Tim in the comments of Christine’s piece: “Even with a master’s from MIT, [Dallas Stars executive vice president of business operations and development Jason] Farris won’t be able keep a decent sheet of ice going in Klyde Warren. Thursday’s high will be 73 degrees.”

2. The park’s lawns are already full every weekend day with people. I’ve been hit with multiple soccer balls. Where will that traffic go when an ice rink is plugging up all the green space?

3. Will the rink rent skates? If the answer to that is yes, then they’ll need to set up a kiosk (more space). If the answer is no, what percentage of your average Klyde Warren-goers owns ice skates? Ten? Fifteen percent, tops?

4. The park has already had to close parts of its “Ginsburg Family Great Lawn” due to soggy grass at least once. That issue gets blown through the roof once thousands of gallons of water are attempting to freeze (see nightmare #1).

5. Weight. From our special issue on Klyde Warren Park:

One unusual issue to contend with: weight. Built on a deck that hovers above thousands of passing cars, every pound needed to be accounted for. If a Shumard’s oak–park president Mark Banta’s favorite, due to its fall color–is dropped into one site, its eventual, full-grown weight needed to be distributed. That might mean moving a water feature, or pathway, or placing lightweight grasses nearby.

The idea of an ice rink is nice, but probably unrealistic. Then again, I hope I’m wrong. I’d like the ability to school you all in some hockey.


  • Jim

    They said it will be a synthetic ice rink, so #1 and #4 shouldnt be an issue. 5k sq feet isnt bad, and it would only be 3-4 months a year…

    • BradfordPearson

      Even if it is a synthetic rink, the grass beneath it would become some of the grimiest-looking grass you’ve ever seen with 3-4 months of cover.

  • Nancy Nichols

    Ice rink will never work. I suggest we go with something more natural to our area. Like a prairie dog farm! I found one for sale!!

  • James

    Regarding #5: the park was designed to hold a large fountain on the Pearl side (you can see it in your map above). If the rink can be designed with a similar weight, they should be ok. The east end of the park is the least used area anyway, so it wouldn’t displace too many park patrons.

    That said, I wonder if there should be long-term plans to expand the park.

    And can we please find out why Mark Banta left? I can’t stop thinking that he went to Vegas and used up the park’s endowment fund on hookers and blow.

    • Richard Simpkins

      I’ve often wondered why the park can’t extend out to Akard, on the southwest side.

  • the Rock

    Put it in Victory Plaza during the holiday time. Makes way more sense.

    • Anne

      I’m with you, the Rock!!

  • Brett Moore

    So, you smell what he’s cooking?

  • pandagirlwis

    It will be synthetic ice!