Klyde Warren Park, Ice Rink, Ctd., Ctd.

Norman Green and Jody Grant address the media Tuesday.

This afternoon, Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation Chairman Jody Grant and former Dallas Stars owner Norman Green gathered at Klyde Warren Park to discuss details of the park’s highly anticipated ice rink debuting this fall.

The idea behind the synthetic ice rink was to create a public attraction for people whether it’s warm or cold, Grant explained. He credits the “creativity of people like Norman Green” for the project’s growth.

Green, who’s been in the hockey business for over 20 years, asserted that the synthetic ice is easy to maintain and designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. Though Dallas has experienced an unusually mild winter this year, “we can’t count on that forever,” Grant pointed out.

The rink is expected to be open by Nov. 1, and stay open until the following February or March. At about 50 feet by 100 feet, it will be located right in front of the children’s park, near the park’s border with St. Paul Street.

Foodies, expect to find your favorite food trucks to move to the opposite end of the park, to help with crowd and pedestrian flow; one of Grant’s goals is to evenly distribute park-goers throughout the space, which he hopes to achieve by reorienting some of the park’s activities. These park people, who consist of natives and tourists alike, can also anticipate a new crowd: Dallas Stars players.

“I must mention, the Dallas Stars are very much supportive of this,” Green said. Getting kids onto the ice is a priority, he explained, adding that the Stars have always been “eager to help develop youngsters.”

“When we came here in ‘93 with the hockey team, there was one sheet of ice. Now, there are 25,” stated Green, who, along with his wife Kelly, is funding the expenditures. “This rink has been very, very successful in other places, and I suspect that in this phenomenal location, and this park, it will be very well received.”

Erica Robbie is a D Magazine intern.


  • Stacy L.

    They paved paradise, and put up a skating rink. So much for open space.

  • guest

    How about putting it in Main Street Gardens? It is a much larger space and could use more programming.

    • Knightengale

      If we did that, where would my dog go to poop?
      I don’t think Main Street Garden needs more programming. I like that things happen organically in that space.

  • Kk.

    They don’t have a bathroom or a dumpster, but they’re going to have an ice rink. And a kiosk for skates. The park is attracting WAY more people than they ever anticipated. And it is winter they are succeeding in. So what to do with their wildly successful park? Ruin a large part of it, the green part that is the draw, for the people that are already enjoying it. Add the things people need and want, bathrooms, food and drink options, shade for the coming summer, and a simple dumpster? Nope, a flashy shiny thingy that the ordinary folks in the neighborhood that will use the park daily don’t want and won’t use. Sad really, but oh so Dallas.

  • DallasD

    Really well written! Doesn’t sound like an intern to me

    • Erica Robbie

      Thanks so much!

  • Lou Nanne

    Norm Greed is funding this? Make sure the check clears and expect him to move the rink in a few years, otherwise Kelly will leave.