How DA Craig Watkins Gets Himself in Trouble

Eric Celeste used to work here. Then he did some other stuff. Some of that stuff involved being the communications director for Craig Watkins’ last election campaign. So he knows a thing or two about a thing or two when he writes:

[Watkins] surrounds himself with sycophantic lawyers. This is bad on two levels. One, they’re sycophants, so he never hears someone say, “Craig, you’re wrong about this. Let me give you some advice that runs counter to what everyone else is telling you.”

Two, they’re lawyers. Lawyers believe no one else could do their job, and they think they can do your job better than you can, if they only had the time. Example: When Watkins ran for reelection in 2010, we spent much of every day telling him that fighting the County Commissioners made no sense. He wasn’t running against them. Play nice, act collegial and the day after the election he could go back to attacking them. “You’re right,” he would say.

Then he’d get to work. The top lawyers in his office would tell him, “Don’t listen to those pussies, Craig. You can’t be seen as weak! Take them on!” The next day he’d be on TV shouting at Margaret Kelleher, and his poll numbers would dip again.

I guess Eric has decided he doesn’t want to work for any more political campaigns.


  • Everlasting Phelps

    Or he’s decided that Watkins is destined to lose, and once he does there’s no bridge there to burn.

  • Brent Dudenhoeffer

    Not working for a political campaign is a poor career track?

  • Fact Checker

    Keliher was ousted as county judge the same year Watkins was elected. Jim Foster was the guy with which Watkins would pick fights.