Highland Park Man Booked For Evading Arrest, Becomes Frontrunner For Mugshot of the Year

MacDonald. Photo: Dallas County Jail

Charles MacDonald was arrested early this morning in Highland Park for evading arrest and criminal mischief, two charges that very poorly describe what happened. According to the Morning News:

…MacDonald, 24, of Highland Park was stopped by officers near Arroyo and Maple avenues about 1:45 a.m. by uniformed officers investigating drug complaints in the area.

Police say MacDonald refused to exit his vehicle and showed a large knife to officers, who backed away. They followed him to a home in the 5300 block of Waneta Drive.

When police arrived, MacDonald fled into the home to a back bedroom occupied by another man. Officers say MacDonald threatened to kill himself and everyone else, so they again backed off.

SWAT officers were then called in, and they arrested MacDonald after a standoff that reportedly lasted about two hours.

Dude knows how to take a mugshot. Very “I sat on something I shouldn’t have, but am surprised by how not uncomfortable this feels.”


  • mynameisbill

    Good thing he wasn’t black or latino…….or he might’ve seen his derriere blasted seven different ways into eternity. Hopefully, he’ll have some time to reflect on his misdeeds(mainly the poisoning of his mind due to drug use) and begin to heal himself from this most atrocious of ailments that is currently ravishing our dear nation. Although, him being an HP kid, he could very well be masked of his consequences of having to face his true reality, and therefore enabled to continue his current frolickings to the depths of his assured self-destruction.

    • Avid Reader

      So angry.

  • Faux Richard

    He’ll also use that face during his first prison shower.

  • Faux Richard

    PS – Bottom.

  • Jackson

    The initial encounter at Maple and Arroyo is very much in Dallas, so I assume it was DPD on that call, not HPD. Secondly, the only part of HP that goes west of the Tollroad into Greenway Parks is south of Mockingbird, and Weneta Drive is two streets north of Mockingbird and 100% in Dallas proper. Indeed, the 5300 block of Weneta, where the arrest happened, is right up against Inwood Road. This guy wasn’t arrested in HP. He may live there, but he wasn’t arrested there.

    • Wylie H Dallas

      I noted the same thing. Along the very southern boundary of HP (around the Whole Foods on Lemmon Ave)., Dallas residents will sometimes call in incidents to Highland Park Public Safety (using the non-911 number) even if the incidents are technically within City of Dallas borders to get a quicker response— it really pisses DPD off when people do this, for some reason.

      This location, however, appears to have been too far away for that to have occurred.

  • Daniel

    That’s the look bath-salts fiends give you just before they eat your face off.

  • mynameisbill

    When are you going to just go ahead and pay/send the freakin’ $2(U.S. currency please) enclosed in a self-addressed stamped envelope to my fan club? Don’t be so cheap, it’s unbecoming of you. Also, don’t be so angry, life’s short…..smell the roses, but don’t eat the brown acid. Over and ouuuuuuuuuut!

  • Avid Reader

    So angry.

  • mynameisbill

    If you turn green and begin to burst out of your clothing…….please seek help, immediately!

  • jrp

    daniel, i still love you

  • ryan

    that’s a pretty intense mugshot, he will probably be on http://mugmatchapp.com soon…

  • TheManHimself

    So, it was late at night, I get pulled over for no apparent reason (drug complaints?) I pull into the Valero gas station on Maple Ave, yes DPD not HPD. Officer comes immediately to my door trying to open my door, it was locked. Officer then tells me to open the door… I refuse, I ask, “What am I being pulled over for?” He says. “Failure to turn on your turn signal.” I said something like, “Alright whatever give me my ticket, why are you trying to open my door, for some lame ticket.” He then demands my I.D., so I barely open my window to give him my I.D., he yells at me to get out of the car and/or open the door. I wasn’t about to do that for no stupid traffic stop ticket. Officer then freaks out takes out his nightstick wand thing and tries to break my driver side window open, luckily he was not strong enough to break it. My natural reaction was to grab something to defend myself (these cops now a days get away with murder, literally.) Officer then pulls out his gun pointed right at me, meanwhile another officer pulls right up and now both officers have their guns pointed at me. My car was still running, I had told myself previously next time I get pulled over I’m going to make a run for it. So, stupidly on my behalf I booked it, straight to my family’s house. I thought once I got there I would be safe, boy was I wrong. All in all, I eventually got detained after hours of craziness, and eight rounds of tear gas later. I got charged with evading arrest in a motor vehicle, and obstruction/ retaliation, both are 3rd degree felonies. Evading arrest on foot is a misdemeanor, also evading arrest in a motor vehicle previously was a state jail felony and I guess even before that it was a misdemeanor. I got locked up with a guy who had 12 of them. I got three years TDC time, and my coworker when I was locked up has had 15 DUI’s that he has been charged with not to mention all the ones he has gotten dismissed or pleaded out for, he was doing 6 years for his 15th DUI. Some people get 20+ years for their third DUI, I mean wtf?
    Sadly, the whole incident had a lot to do with drugs, my ex-wife had just left me took my kids from Idaho where we were living small town lifestyle going to college in a college town, doing really well. Anyway I come down to Big city Dallas, Texas and was all depressed and going crazy, just straight spiraled uncontrollably down at an incredibly fast rate. (I threw in the towel, I was over life didn’t care about anything then.) And, well yeah being locked up sucked and having felonies suck, but it was a good experience a learning experience. I don’t want to do anything like that again, but I learned a lot and now I want to live happily again, and I’ve been doing pretty well since I’ve been out. Everything happens for a reason. And, yeah that was a funny/crazy face, I think I tried to smile for my picture but the officer said I couldn’t smile to I made that face, w/e. No bath salts, I was diagnosed Bipolar/Schizophrenic when I was 19. When something dramatic happens in your life you snap and have an “episode” that’s what happened. As for the prison showers, they got curtains and they are single showers, obviously you have never been down and its easy to crack jokes when your ignorant to the system. And, yes I do think I would have gotten shot the freak up if I wasn’t white, but in court and in prison color doesn’t really matter. Thanks! I’m going to try to live a good life for as long as I can.