Highland Park High School Evacuated

Letter from the district:

Dear HPISD Parents & Staff,

Highland Park High School dismissed students at 11 a.m. today after a threatening note was found on campus.

Parents whose students need transportation may pick up their children at the multipurpose facility across from Highlander Stadium.

HPISD leaders will continue to work with police to investigate the threat. Last month, three similar notes were found at HPHS.

Parents, please talk with your children about how seriously any threats, written or otherwise, are taken on campus.

We will continue to keep you informed.

The school has been evacuated at least four times in recent months; no legitimate threat has ever been found.


  • RSF

    Did they find more knives hidden at the school?

  • critic

    A student likely had not studied for a test today and wanted early dismissal of classes to head home to study

  • Suz

    The note said, “you will grow up and be poor.”

  • HPHS Parent

    @Suz – really not funny. This is probably just a prank, a destructive, expensive prank that ought to be penalized as a serious crime. I have two kids there and it was scary as hell to get that text message and then spend ten minutes (an eternity in today’s world) trying to find them – safe, thankfully. Not all HP kids are entitled kids whose greatest fear is being poor. In today’s world, among their greatest fears is being gunned down in school or while watching a movie with their friends. Nothing funny about that kind of threat.

    • ernest t bass

      Makes one yearn for the good ol’ days when the only thing kids had to fear was being nuked by the Russkies while duckin’ ‘n’ coverin’ in the hallways. Happier times, indeed.

  • Neal K

    Didn’t someone set off a bomb at the high school in the early 80s? It blew out some lockers if I remember correctly.

    • roscoe jett

      There have also been two shootings in front of Highland Park HS.

  • Kk.

    Are you really bring up crazy old Mrs. Stein shooting that kid that burned out across her lawn? HP needs to join the rest of the public schools and install cameras everywhere. Run back the tape for the location the “threat” was left at and bust the little bastard. And the “bomb” that blew out the lockers was a prank gone wrong with cherry bombs, no terrorist threat or mentally I’ll homicidal students. Catch the kid that’s sending the threat and expel him for as long as legally possible and that’ll probably stop these shenanigans.