Here Are The Strangest Things People Searched to Get to in January

Every day, a few of us have a web analytics window open on our desktops, showing us what kind of traffic is coming to, how it got there, and where it’s coming from. There’s also a tool that shows the web searches that brought people to the site. The searches are usually something like “FrontBurner” or “D Magazine” or “5 dead hookers,” but sometimes more interesting ones slip through. Here are the strangest from January, reproduced exactly as they appeared:

– Cetera, Peter
– Dallas and preppy and Brook Hollow Golf Club
– 8:56 pm during the break, something about fishing wire
– “tanned” + “bare legs” + “denim” + “winter”
– Adam Sandler movie w/ Vanilla Ice

And the best, by far:

– 10 most beautiful asses


  • mj_smalley

    Just goes to show even the best marketers could never figure out the human mind. 😉

  • Sarah Bennett

    Good thing they knew to go last name first. Everyone knows Google can’t handle first name first.

  • Michael Hassett

    Boolean search? So 2003.