• Jeff Sauers

    Cool! Hey Thanks for the Pic! I love this place Great Place for Lunch!

    • Brian Breeding

      Hello Jeff…I know this is a shot in the dark…but I am a childhood friend of John Bunning from Enfield CT. I knew him and his brother Tommy…and we went to the local Catholic school together for many years before he moved with his family to SC. I missed him dearly! Though he may not hardly remember me. Anyway in the remote event you get this message…please let him know I was asking for him and if he likes…contact me on facebook…Brian Breeding. Thanks.

  • AmyS

    I would also like to point towards the source of several of the black and white photos in the SideDish post, especially since February is African American History month. There is an amazing collection of 1940’s Dallas photos by Marion Butts that can be accessed online at our wonderful public library.

  • 31858060

    Great photo! I can remember when it was operated by Youngblood’s. For a while I think it was also run by El Chico.

  • David Merrill

    My father used to tell me the year my Grandfather took my Dad to the 1936 State Fair. They lived in Henritta Texas , his Dad was the pastor of the First Christian Church and there was a conference that week at TCU. This was still during the depression so money was tight , especially for a preachers kid. The Old Mill was years ahead for it time and had 3 kitchens of the future. My Grandfather spent hours in there that day in disbelief and I father spend hours in there wanting to see the Fair. He took home a souvenir drinking glass that I still have and every time I see it I think of this story and the Old Mill Inn.