Fuel City Made Wrong Choice

Too bad the Fuel City owner knuckled under to outside pressure and gave up the white buffalo (sub. req.) Haven’t we seen this rodeo before—like last year, for instance? First, we all thought the rare animal up in Greenville was heralding the world’s end; then we were instructed that no, it was a symbol of “rebirth” and that, in any event, it required special treatment. And you know the sordid way that story ended up.

Doesn’t Fuel City, a private business, have the right to conduct its own affairs? Plus: if the protestors considered the store’s display to be “insensitive” and irreligious because of the excessively commercial locale, isn’t that just a tad bit narrow-minded? If Jesus came back today, for example, who’s to say he wouldn’t be walking around in the guise of an insurance broker or—wild guess—a union carpenter? Or a guy selling chips and beer nuts at a gas station?


  • Threeboys

    I think it is probably more insensitive for one of your own to slaughter a white buffalo in Greenville and then blame it on a hate crime.

    My question is why the owner of Fuel City buckled so quickly when he clearly doesn’t agree with what he did. Is he afraid of losing the substantial chunk of his business that is represented by Indians?

  • mdunlap1

    “Doesn’t Fuel City, a private business, have the right to conduct its own affairs?”

    Of course. And others have the right to express disagreement with the behavior of private businesses. And private business owners in turn have the right to tell the local newspaper that they are disappointed but feel they are doing the right thing.

  • Faux Richard

    Yawn. Yet another BS post from Glenn designed to prop up the sagging # of comments.

  • ernest t bass

    A union carpenter?

    Rick Perry would send his heathen ass straight to Huntsville. Or, worst yet, Poughkeepsie.

    • ernest t bass

      er, uh, worse.

    • AmyS

      Personally, having lived in both, I would rate Los Angeles below Poughkeepsie.

  • Albert Finney

    Think the mis-use of a sacred symbol is bad? Wait until Texas legalizes casino gambling.

  • BenS.

    I don’t see how South Dakota Sioux or Southeastern Choctaw could lay claim to an American White Bison from South Texas living in Dallas. The traditional pre-columbian cultures of these tribes have literally nothing to do with Texas. This is the fundamental underlying reason why the monstrous archeological treasure trove of Native American artifacts(Caddo) that exist in the Great Trinity Forest will never be documented or published. Everyone would rather it erode away into the river forever than to face the tsunami headache of the legal hurdles in dealing with it. Stay classy. This is a money thing.

  • Glenn

    Thanks for commenting, Faux.

  • Don in Fort Worth

    Jesus “will” come back? Hell (no pun intended), the Rapture was in ’97.

  • mynameisbill

    In many American Indian religions the idea of a “world’s end” is also its “rebirth”. To more introspective beliefs/religions/philosophies there is no trouble in understanding this, but with our more western tinged religious/beliefs/philosophical leanings more geared towards the greater influence of the outside/non-introspective(having to ask God to come into our hearts, instead of realizing his eternal presence already being there, kinda stuff); we tend to see the world’s end as just an ending, even though the bible clearly states that with the passing of the old world a new one(world) would replace it. Of course, Christianity, is an eastern religion itself…..we(the western hemisphere) just tainted it a bit with our extreme indifference to oneness(which Jesus spoke of ad nauseum “us being one with everything” that is), and our extreme ideal of propping up the individual at all cost. I believe it was Carl Jung who stated that the ideal situation of the human species is the individuation process, not the individual one, but i’ve digressed enough for a few lifetimes already. Please forgive me and my insolence. 🙂

  • Daily Reader

    “Is he afraid of losing the substantial chunk of his business that is represented by Indians?” What’s that supposed to mean? Am I correct in thinking that you’re stereotyping? So sorry for you.

  • Threeboys

    My point is that he buckled to the pressure of an Indian espousing his cultural beliefs and my question is what percentage of his business did he stand to lose by keeping the buffalo and further angering the Indian population?