Friday Fun: Ed Koch Edition

In the summer of 1998, my knees were the size of cantaloupes, I slept 16 hours a day, and antibiotics forced me to stay out of the sun. I’d contracted Lyme disease, a tick-borne disease that rips through the Northeast during any season that kids play in the woods and forget to check themselves for ticks.

Because of my carelessness, I was laid up on my parents’ family room couch at 4 p.m. every day, for a month. My dad would hook me up to an IV, the drugs would start ripping apart my insides, and I’d flip on The People’s Court. Mayor Ed Koch would greet me and give me a legal education. No, you could not stop paying child support because you fixed your ex-wife’s gutters. In the state of New York, rum is not a valid form of payment for services rendered. You should always fix your hand-railings.

Koch and I would hang out every day for an hour, then presumably he’d go about his business and I would fall asleep. Koch died of heart failure yesterday at the age of 88. Thanks for the memories.

In honor of Koch, today’s game is a Sporcle trivia quiz, entitled “Law in the Movies.“ It names the character, the actor who played that character, and the year. You name the movie. I got 13 out of 24. Soundtrack for today’s game: Beastie Boys “Car Thief“; Blossom Dearie “My Attorney Bernie“; George Harrison “Sue Me, Sue You Blues“; The Clash “Know Your Rights.”


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