Fear of a Brown Planet: A Conversation About Texas’ Demographic Change

Dallas State Rep. Rafael Anchia and Round Rock Rep. Larry Gonzales sat down with the Texas Tribune yesterday to discuss the growing Hispanic population, and how that affects education spending, poverty, and English-language proficiency.

“It’s very important that as this state wants to remain economically competitive globally that our populace and our young people are fully-bilingual,” Anchia said.

Other quick-hit notes:

– Three out of every 10 Dallas kids lives in poverty
– 180,000 children in Dallas County are undernourished
– 80 percent of DISD students are eligible for free or discounted lunch

And before you jump down my throat, the “Fear of a Brown Planet” line is from the Tribune‘s Julián Aguilar, who moderated the sit-down.


  • Dubious Brother

    If 180,000 children in Dallas County are undernourished it is because they have crappy parents.

  • Javier Valadez

    if this state wants to “remain economically competitive globally” then senators, legislators, and Mr. Perry should be more aggressive on getting a comprehensive immigration law passed.