Dwaine Caraway’s Fingerprints Are All Over the City’s Black History Month Talent Show

City officials just sent over a release about its Black History Month talent showcase, taking place March 1 at Martin Luther King Jr. Recreation Center. Disregard for a second that the talent show is actually not during Black History Month, and look at one one of the guidelines:

Performers must keep their content and lyrics clean, with no profanity, and dressed in family-friendly attire (baggy style acceptable but no sagging)

Hmm. Okay. Will there be someone at the showcase with a ruler, deeming the difference between baggy and sagging? Or is it a belt issue? Either way, I’m sure Councilman Dwaine Caraway had a say in all this.


  • mynameisbill

    Suspenders[drops mic and exits the stage] 🙂