DMN Ignores Kyle-Ventura Flap

Most who’ve paid attention to the story of former Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle, who was shot and killed Saturday at Rough Creek Lodge, know that one of the stranger chapters in his saga involved former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura. As Tim told us last year, Kyle famously claimed he punched out Ventura, a former member of the Navy’s special forces, in a California bar, allegedly for dissing U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. Ventura called Kyle a liar, said the incident never happened, and was suing the ex-sniper for libel.

Curiously, though, the main Dallas Morning News story about Kyle’s life and Saturday’s killing omitted anything about this bizarre incident, which generated a heated controversy in the blogosphere. Seems like even passing mention in the hometown paper of record would have been appropriate, especially since the story has become all about war veterans and how they readjust, or have trouble readjusting, to civilian life.