DART To Hold Public Meeting About Downtown Light Rail Next Week

Downtown residents eager to see where the city might drop its proposed extension of the light rail are invited to an open house one week from today – Feb. 13 – at 5 p.m., at DART headquarters, 1402 Pacific Avenue. Per a DART email: “Phase I of the D2 study was concluded in Spring 2010. In response to comments received, alternatives and refinements were made that will be presented at the meeting. A review of how the Phase II effort is being coordinated with other relevant transportation projects and recently completed downtown plans will also be shared.”

So, light rail. DART’s come up with a variety of different routes, which you can see here.


  • Dan Weissman

    DART has already excluded D2 from their newest transit plan. So I don’t understand why they are bringing it up again. The system is clogged the way it is,, and DART needs to either widen the pipe or add a thoroughfare, but just a few weeks ago they said D2 was off the table, so this is a bit confusing!

  • Anne Mckinney-page

    I learned when I was on the DART Board that NO route, design, or option is EVER truly off the table… it just may take twenty years, but eventually it all comes back around (The Cotton Belt Line being one of those options tabled in the early 90s). It is imperative that the Downtown Business Owners, and Businesses follow this process closely… for you just have to look back to the design changes in the Green Line, and it’s placement that helped kill the West End Market place, and other businesses in that area.. When the $$$ and influence of the AAC Owners were able to help change the placement of the line away from the West End, that was the Death knell for that area, that some buildings, and businesses there were never able to come back from.