DART Committee to Vote Today on Domestic Partner Benefits

After delaying a vote in January, DART’s administrative committee is expected to vote on domestic partner benefits today. The proposed plans, according to the Dallas Voice

The first of the three proposed plans would extend benefits to same-sex domestic partners and their children. The second would extend benefits to both same- and opposite-sex domestic partners and children. And the third would extend benefits to same- and opposite-sex partners, children and another family member, according to the DART presentation materials.

The reason for the January delay was an evaluation of the costs for this shift; DART officials told the voice those have been ironed out. “DART’s consultant originally estimated adding DP benefits would cost $105,000 to $210,000, but the estimated costs on the proposal show $6,742 on the low side for the plan that covers only same-sex partners and their children to more than $1.6 million on the high end of the third plan that would also include a family member,” the paper writes. If the committee votes on the measure today, the full DART board could hear the topic by Feb. 26.

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