Dallas Rep. Dan Branch Proposes Tying University Funding to Graduation Rates

From the Texas Observer:

The Legislature balked at putting so-called “outcomes-based funding” proposals into place last session, but did approve a measure authorizing the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to develop an outcomes-based funding model that could be used for 10 percent of its funding request for this session.

Branch said [Wednesday] that Texas “desperately needs more incentive” to up the number of graduates each year. He said that per year, an estimated 90,000 non-Texans are filling jobs that could be filled by Texans with the right credentials. “We need to do a better job of organically creating graduates in this state,” Branch said. “Texas needs stories that begin, have a middle and have an ending. … Taxpayers are looking to fund a story that has a completion.”

And that story would be funded based on graduation rates. Branch has now filed a bill that would tie 25 percent of school funding to outcomes and graduation rates, a move that has been approved or proposed in 25 other states.


  • mcc

    Unis do have a role to play in getting folks to graduate on time but the primary reason students fizzle out of uni or take a long time to graduate is because they have to work at least part-time to pay for tuition. Reducing tuition costs would be a better use of these ‘incentive funds’ than to basically reward schools for lowering their standards or making it academically easier to graduate (which is what would happen).

  • Chet

    Speaking as a returning education student at UNT, this is a tremendously bad idea. My business classes at UNT today are significantly easier than my HS classes 20 years ago. Every class I have taken in the past 2.5 years aside from one comparative lit class has been incredibly dumbed down and designed to hold the hands of the precious little snowflakes attending the classes. If you tie funding to graduation rates this will get worse. College degrees should mean something.

  • Dubious Brother

    Government schools learned a long time ago that if you are going to judge their outcome they will lower the standards to get the needed results. Soon Algebra I will be a grad school course.